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Benefits of Carrier Membership

USTelecom’s Leadership Committee, consisting of executives from small and rural companies, is committed to helping USTelecom members succeed in today’s competitive business marketplace. From pursuing policy objectives to providing breaking news and executive education opportunities, USTelecom provides considerable value for small and rural companies.

Join a USTelecom CommitteeUSTelecom is the only association that delivers industry advocacy representing small and rural company interests with the backing and presence of large companies, including AT&T, CenturyLink and Verizon.  Your seat at the table gives you an opportunity to influence united industry advocacy, insight into the operations of the biggest companies in the telecom marketplace, and the chance to learn from their best practices and experiences.  USTelecom committees address important topics including universal service and intercarrier compensation reform, tax policy, engineering, intellectual property, cybersecurity, and more.

Take Advantage of USTelecom’s Policy and Hill Expertise.  USTelecom is a strong voice advocating for policies that matter most to small and rural companies.  Those same policy experts are available to answer any questions you may have on the topics that are important to your business: universal service and intercarrier compensation reform; USF contributions reform; video and access to content; cybersecurity; privacy and data security; tax policy; FCC regulatory fee reform; and much more.  Similarly, USTelecom stands ready to help its members navigate the halls of Congress, and is happy to assist in setting up and preparing for constituent meetings with congressional delegations, then following up with them on your behalf afterwards.

Sign Up for USTelecom’s News Sources.  Keeping up with the daily changes that affect the industry and our customers can be challenging. That’s why USTelecom offers members communications that keep busy executives up to speed on important industry, technology, and policy news.  USTelecom’s weekly e-newsletter Broadband Connection and our daily news briefing, USTelecom dailyLead, are available to any USTelecom member company employee, with no limits on the number of subscriptions.

Learn through USTelecom’s Executive Education. USTelecom is not just an association of companies; we are an association of executives who are working to advance their businesses.  USTelecom is committed to providing executive education to help our executives succeed and thrive through an extensive executive education program, both online and in-person. Our popular webinar series attracts thousands of participants to webinars that showcase business opportunities and related technical education in areas such as the IP transition, cloud computing and metro Ethernet.  USTelecom’s in-person events promote learning and facilitate networking opportunities.