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Broadband Investment

In recognition of the extraordinary value wired and wireless broadband communications offers, private sector broadband investment reached $75 billion in 2013, and the industry has invested more than $1.3 trillion since 1996. This widespread funding has yielded positive results, supporting continued economic growth.

Statistics tell a story of increasing participation on a national and international scale, with the U.S. among the world leaders in Internet Usage and leading the pack in facilities-based broadband markets. This blend of circumstances makes the U.S. market among the most competitive and innovative in the world.

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Broadband Investment
The broadband industry has invested more than $1.3 trillion dollars since 1996. The wireline industry alone invested approximately $690 billion during that period.
Broadband Provider Annual Capital Expenditures - Wireline, Wireless, and Cable
$75 billion
Historical Broadband Provider Capex
Historical Wireline Provider Capex
Capex by Type of Provider
International Comparison