broadband adoption

The prospect of new regulation on broadband Internet service providers is raising concern among groups representing low-income communities who are worried about cost increases and postponed investm
In light of the Commission’s interest in greater levels of broadband competition to drive investment, innovation and consumer benefits, I would like to draw the Commission’s attention t
Tariffs and taxes on information technologies have a chilling effect on adoption and economic growth according to findings included in a
A new USTelecom analysis of the latest Internet Protocol (IP) traffic data from the annual Cis
Digital engagement is playing an increasingly important role in reaching voters and driving campaign victories as evidenced in recent U.S. presidential and midterm elections.
As USTelecom discussed in a recent blog post, the nation’s broadband providers are investing substantiall
While many Americans have access to landline and wireless phones, a small but significant number of consumers cannot afford even basic telephone service.
While broadband access is readily available in most areas of the country, studies have shown that a key obstacle to adoption in the U.S. is a lack of digital readiness.
Chairman Crawford, Ranking Member Costa, Members of the Committee, thank you for giving me the opportunity to appear before you today to present the progress being made by our member companies in b