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broadband adoption


Over the past several years, Internet and computer technology have evolved at a rapid rate as evidenced by the proliferation of devices and technological applications.


Background: Today, USTelecom member Frontier Communications announced it would accept $283 million in Connect America Phase II funds to expand rural broadband service throughout its 28-state se


USTelecom respectfully submits these comments in response to the Commission’s request for input on additional steps the Commission should take to facilitate broadband deployment by removing &


Background: Today, The Federal Communications Commission Chairman voted 3-2 to raise the benchmark for broadband speeds.


Throughout a wide range of workplaces, from offices to the factory floor, digital technology has become a critical, modern infrastructure that companies and workers rely upon.


This past weekend Super Saturday broke records and eclipsed Black Friday, with Saturday and Sunday garnering $42 billion in sales.


The prospect of new regulation on broadband Internet service providers is raising concern among groups representing low-income communities who are worried about cost increases and postponed investm


In light of the Commission’s interest in greater levels of broadband competition to drive investment, innovation and consumer benefits, I would like to draw the Commission’s attention t


Tariffs and taxes on information technologies have a chilling effect on adoption and economic growth according to findings included in a recent report from the Information Technology & Innovati


A new USTelecom analysis of the latest annual Internet Protocol (IP) traffic data from Cisco shows that U.S.