Jonathan Spalter

Broadband Providers Leading on Global 5G Race

Innovating and investing in an extensive, ubiquitous, and secure wired backbone; building the world’s most modern, high-speed communications network

Background: At the White House today, President Donald J. Trump and Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai announced a series of new policies and funding to advance America’s leadership in 5G connectivity, particularly in rural America.

The following statement can be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, president and CEO of USTelecom:

“Think about 5G this way: it is a vast canvas upon which innovators will paint transformative new applications and services like the industrial internet of things, robotic surgery and connected health – while creating enormous economic productivity, jobs and growth.

“But to deliver the promise of this technology and to win the global race to 5G, we must scale our communications infrastructure and lay lots (and lots) of fiber. Here’s the good news: American providers are already innovating and investing billions to create the foundation for our 5G future. We are building the extensive, ubiquitous, and secure wired backbone that will carry 5G traffic, deliver instantaneous connectivity and enable that wireless last mile.

“But winning the 5G race isn’t a forgone conclusion. It will take smart public policy and committed government partners championing initiatives like the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund – a big down payment to support the broadband providers who are digging trenches, pulling fiber and connecting Americans to the world’s most modern, high-speed communications network.”