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Enhancing Data Services in Rural Areas

Today, ITTA and USTelecom, national associations representing rural communications service providers, filed a petition asking the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to better promote competition by modernizing the regulations that apply to the offering of business data services (BDS) in rural areas.

The legacy BDS regulations that currently apply to many rural telcos impose unnecessary costs and prevent these carriers from offering beneficial rates, terms, and conditions to their customers.

The new, streamlined regulatory paradigm will better promote competition by taking further steps towards implementing incentive-based “price cap” regulation.  This relief, in turn, will promote the investment necessary to meet the modern communications needs of American businesses and other enterprises operating in rural America.

The following statements can be attributed to each Association accordingly:

Genevieve Morelli, President, ITTA:  “Today’s petition kicks off a process that will ultimately benefit competition, customers, and carriers alike.  The companies seeking the regulatory relief proposed by the petition already have committed to significant broadband investment in rural America   All they ask in return is for the flexibility to meet the needs of their business and institutional customers.”

Jonathan Spalter, President and CEO, USTelecom:  Rural broadband providers are committed to connecting their customers with the best service at the lowest prices. This Petition will streamline regulations and ensure businesses operating in rural America have access to modern broadband infrastructure. Swift action on this petition will promote competition, benefit communities and connect more customers.”

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About ITTA

ITTA represents communications companies that provide a broad range of high quality wireline and wireless voice, broadband, Internet, and video services to residential and business customers in predominately rural areas across 43 states. For more information, please visit

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