The Path to Profitable Fixed Wireless

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Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) provides the opportunity for operators to rapidly and economically provide broadband service to their customers, as well as expand services to new customers. But why is the time right for FWA now? There are four factors driving the business case for FWA:

  • Broadband demand – demand for broadband will increase 5-fold through 2025
  • Government investment – such as CAF II
  • New spectrum – the addition of CBRS and other free or low-cost spectrum
  • Technology advances – Massive MIMO and other new technologies

In this webinar, sponsored by Ericsson, you’ll learn about how the combination of these factors help create a strong business case for FWA. In addition, you’ll learn about successful trials of the new technologies that are making FWA more of a business reality than it has ever been before.

Join us to learn more about more about the benefits and business case for FWA, as well as strategies to make your implementation more profitable and successful.


  • Kashif Shakil, Head of RAN Solution Evolution, Ericsson
  • Somi Alapati, Director, Wireless Solutions, Ericsson

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