Brian Weiss

FCC’s National Security and Supply Chain Order

Background: At an open commission meeting today, the FCC approved an item to ensure Universal Service Fund support is not used to purchase equipment or services from companies posing a national security threat to the integrity of communications networks or the communications supply chain.

The following statement can be attributed to Jonathan Spalter, president and CEO, USTelecom:

“Securing the nation’s communications supply chain and infrastructure against the growing global cyber threat is a top priority for USTelecom and our members. Let’s be clear: a cohesive national policy on supply chain requires a ‘whole of government’ approach, which the FCC has appropriately embraced. Today’s action to bar prospective use of USF funds for equipment from companies that pose an undue risk to our nation’s security is smart policy and will make us safer. The FCC’s call for a review on ‘rip and replace’ for existing equipment will also inform the international conversation on risk tolerance, particularly on matters of national security.”