Broadband Pricing Index: Entry-Level Pricing Data


Entry-Level Broadband Pricing Dropped in 2021

Broadband Pricing Index: Entry-Level Pricing Data

Competition in the broadband marketplace is driving prices down and speeds up for consumers across the spectrum—findings that mirror overall Broadband Pricing Index trends for the highest-speed and most popular service tiers.

Amid Washington’s policy debate around broadband affordability, USTelecom analyzed not only the pricing trends of the highest speed and most popular tiers of broadband service, but now entry-level broadband offerings.

  • The U.S. broadband market place is working for consumers, as reflected in price declines of 22.9% from 2015-2021 and 9.1% in the past year alone.
  • Adjusted for inflation, these entry-level price cuts translate into real consumer savings of 31.2% over the six-year period and 10.8% from 2020-2021.

Here’s what we know to be true from the facts and the data about broadband in America: In a year when the cost of most goods and services has been going up, the price of broadband – at all price points – went in the opposite direction. This is a continuation of a years-long, downward trend in broadband prices that coincides with accelerating speeds that have unlocked broadband-fueled innovation across the country. Based on this research, the truth is: more Americans have more affordable broadband service choices today than they did one year ago.
USTelecom’s Jonathan Spalter