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Network Performance

Designed for Demand

USTelecom members are committed to continuing to meet the broadband capacity needs of our families, communities and enterprises they serve, no matter where, no matter what. As part of this effort we are closely monitoring network traffic growth on broadband networks during the COVID crisis as the internet has emerged as the central means of keeping Americans connected.

This week the data shows that while network traffic continues at elevated levels when measured against the pre-crisis baseline, participating providers generally continued reporting a decrease in network traffic against the April averages. This week traffic’s traffic ranged from 6% to 23.4% over the pre-COVID baseline, with a mean traffic increase of 13.3% over pre-COVID baseline. As the chart below shows, the average traffic increase over baseline remains lower now after reaching a high of 27% on April 16.

Network Performance 9

Broadband networks are designed for demand. Network Performance 10

USTelecom members report that even with the traffic increases described above, their core network capacity remains fully adequate to accommodate it. Even during peak traffic periods over the past week, interconnections between networks have remained uncongested, as on average 57% to 71% of the total capacity on these peering links continues to be available as a buffer.

Evidence continues to show the user experience has held steady during the crisis, despite the surge in user demand. BroadbandNow reported that “Of the top 10 countries in the world by population, the U.S. is the only that recorded no download speed degradation on average in the month of April.” This has been due, in large part, to the immense investments that USTelecom members have made over the past several decades in expanding network capacity.

The nation’s broadband providers have invested, before and during this crisis, to ensure that the networks are designed to perform under stresses such as offered by the COVID crisis—investments that are paying off and keeping Americans connected.

About the Data:

  • The report is based upon the traffic of USTelecom’s largest members.
  • USTelecom members continuously monitor bandwidth usage with tools that analyze and correlate network statistics, which reveal network trends, and provide performance and capacity reports used to manage their networks.
  • The data reported for the network traffic was measured on the same day of the week (Monday) to allow for proper comparisons between sample weeks and the baseline. The baseline was measured from average Monday traffic before the crisis.

For more information on network performance data, please visit the What Our Members Are Doing section of our Coronavirus Action Center.