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Statement: Rural Health Care Proceeding Can Promote Telehealth Services

Background: The Federal Communications Commission today adopted a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order aimed at ensuring sufficient funding is available for the Rural Health Care Program and that any waste, fraud or abuse is eliminated

The following statement is attributed to USTelecom CEO Jonathan Spalter:

This rulemaking marks an essential step toward extending the full power and promise of broadband connectivity to the 60 million Americans living in rural communities. Taking a fresh look at the Rural Healthcare Program will help ensure broadband networks are being adequately supported to deliver lifesaving, modern, telehealth services to remote areas with limited access to health care access. Having recently visited with rural health and broadband providers in Alaska where more than 200 communities have zero road access, I can personally attest to the extraordinary real-world difference this program makes in people’s lives. This is progress we should build on with this rulemaking.