Chloe Sanchez

Tech-Savvy and Eco-Friendly Go Hand in Hand

For 49 years our country has celebrated Earth Day on April 22nd, a day dedicated to reflecting upon how our planet sustains us, and how we can return the favor by protecting and defending it—particularly in our hyper connected world.

The evolution of communications technology has not only transformed our global connectivity, but has lessened our environmental footprint. Today’s fiber broadband is significantly more environmentally friendly than the copper-wired technology of the past—both because of a lessened environmental impact of mining for raw materials, and because fiber technology is more durable and future proof.

The connective power of broadband also is a great tool for educating and activating collective Earth Day action worldwide.

Here are some ways you can be tech-savvy and eco-friendly on Earth Day and every day:

  • Recycle old electronic devices:
    Let’s set the story straight: electronics and batteries don’t belong in the trash. When disposing of used electronics and batteries, be sure to find an e-waste recycling service in your area. A quick search should return several options, and every Best Buy location accepts e-waste for no charge. Don’t let your tech be toxic!
  • Install a smart thermostat:
    45% of our average household energy use comes from heating and cooling, so smart thermostats (like Nest) can be a real game changer for keeping home energy use in check. They provide the ease of climate control via a smartphone app, which makes it easy to maintain an eco-friendly home and save $ on your electric bill. Win-win!
  • Advocate for smart city technology:
    Remember that protecting the Earth requires a collective effort, and every bit counts. While there are tons of ways individuals can be green, cities across the world also are adopting smart technologies that not only increase safety and quality of life, but also save energy. Write your city council about implementing smart street lights, environmental sensors, and energy use optimization tools to turn your city green.
  • Spread the word:
    With more online social connections than ever before, it’s easy to share eco-friendly tips and inspire others to go easy on Mother Nature. Though you might not go viral, it never hurts to remind your network to share a ride, turn off the lights, recycle, and be thankful for our Earth and each trip around the sun.