Launched: Broadband Mapping Initiative Action Center

USTelecom has launched a new online Action Center dedicated to the USTelecom-led Broadband Mapping Initiative.

Representing a major evolution in the way broadband service is mapped in the United States, USTelecom and a diverse consortium of broadband companies and associations have created a new initiative to more accurately map broadband deployment nationwide and help close the digital divide.

The Broadband Mapping Initiative—beginning with a pilot program in Virginia and Missouri—will harness the power of new digital resources, databases and crowdsourcing platforms, combined with existing provider service address information, to improve understanding of unserved/served areas.

The result? A detailed map of America’s broadband availability, enabling policymakers and industry to efficiently and accurately deploy broadband to truly unserved areas of the country.

Check out the Broadband Mapping Initiative Action Center, our hub of information including:

  • Details of the Broadband Mapping Initiative pilot
  • Industry partners
  • Media coverage
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Senate testimony from CEO Jonathan Spalter
  • FCC Filings
  • Video from the launch

Visit the Broadband Mapping Initiative Action Center here.