Brian Weiss

USTelecom Welcomes Six New Members to Leadership Committee

Connectivity executives representing local and regional broadband innovators

WASHINGTON, DC – USTelecom | The Broadband Association, a leading association of connectivity providers and technology innovators, today announced six new members of its Leadership Committee, comprised of a select group of executives from the ranks of USTelecom’s innovative local and regional broadband providers, charged with helping to shape and lead the association’s national advocacy.

“The diverse regional broadband innovators joining our Leadership Committee are investing in our shared networks, pioneering next generation technologies and delivering connectivity to communities and enterprises everywhere. I welcome these new members who will bring valuable new perspectives and ideas on building infrastructure, deploying technology and helping guide our advocacy in the year ahead,” said Jonathan Spalter, President and CEO, USTelecom.

Leadership Committee

New members elected to the USTelecom Leadership Committee include: