Sally Aman

Your Bike Share Program Just Got Smarter

You’ve certainly heard of the bike share programs that are taking urban centers by storm – improving commutes, reducing emissions, and increasing user flexibility. And now riders have another option – the first cloud-connected electric motorbike now exists. This electric bicycle runs like a motorcycle, but has been smartphone integrated. Known as the “M1” and created by Monday Motorbikes, this smart bike is able to go as far as 50 miles without using the pedals or any fuel. With Bluetooth connectivity, owners can secure their bikes using their smartphone by entering a passcode on the companion app. It also comes with a USB charger.

As smart cities develop, the cloud-connected concept of the M1 electric motorbike is innovating urban transportation. These smart bikes are seeking to solve some common challenges faced by riders such as safety concerns, theft and vehicle maintenance. As they communicate with the IoT ecosystem, the M1 exchanges data with sensors and beacons. For example, the connected motorbike can interact with a smart-home system to activate a home’s temperature prior to arrival or send data analysis to a service center to signal when it’s time for a battery replacement.

With smartphone connectivity, riders can auto start their motorbikes, track their vehicles and stop the bike if someone attempts to steal it. And the great thing is owners don’t require a license to ride, it’s small enough to park on a sidewalk, and it’s fast enough to keep up with traffic while traveling on a road. And best of all, with similar motorcycle capabilities, the M1 cost the same as a Vespa.

Of course, these amazing connected innovations wouldn’t exist without robust broadband networks equipped to meet escalating demand for connectivity – from our highways to our driveways.