Anti-Robocall Principles

State Attorneys General and the undersigned voice service providers are committed to stopping illegal and unwanted robocalls for the American people. Therefore, state Attorneys General have engaged voice service providers to gain their support and assistance in combatting this pervasive problem. These Anti-Robocall Principles are the product of this engagement.

Illegal and unwanted robocalls continue to harm and hassle people every day. Consumer fraud often originates with an illegal call, and robocalls regularly interrupt our daily lives. Robocalls and telemarketing calls are the number one source of consumer complaints at many state Attorneys General offices, as well as at both the Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Trade Commission. State Attorneys General are on the front lines of enforcing do-not-call laws and helping people who are scammed and harassed by these calls.

Through law enforcement and technological developments, respectively, state Attorneys General and voice service providers are working to assist consumers and battle bad actors who scam consumers and intrude upon their lives. By implementing call blocking technology, knowing their customers, actively monitoring their networks for robocall traffic, cooperating in investigations that trace the origins of illegal robocalls, and integrating other practices enumerated in the Anti-Robocall Principles, these voice service providers will aid the state Attorneys General in identifying and prosecuting illegal robocallers.

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