Chloe Sanchez

Oracle Innovation Lab Drives Digital Transformation

It’s no secret that the communications and technology industries are changing the way we live and work. But bringing a wider array of companies and organizations into the fold of modern technology will take a village. That’s why it’s great to see companies sharing their expertise to drive digital transformation everywhere.

USTelecom member Oracle recently launched its new Innovation Lab, a facility to support organizations as they integrate tech solutions into their work. Visitors to Oracle’s Innovation Lab will be met with hands-on experiences within simulated project worksites that feature integrated technologies. These technologies could be serious upgrades for visitors’ businesses.

Oracle’s solutions run the gamut, from connected devices to artificial intelligence tools, but each use sophisticated solutions that will help organizations’ overall productivity and safety.

The Innovation Lab is located near Chicago, and includes the participation of a variety technology providers. It’s a truly “all hands on deck” interactive experience dedicated to empowering organizations to take on the challenges of today and tomorrow. Read more about the technologies and companies featured at Oracle’s Innovation Lab here.