CSDE International Botnet and IoT Security Guide 2020


The CSDE’s International Botnet and IoT Security Guide is among the world’s leading initiatives to dramatically reduce destructive botnet attacks. Since 2018, we have brought together communications and technology sector leadership on an annual basis to identify practices and capabilities for combating threats related to botnets, such as malware propagation, denial-of-service attacks, and the spread of corrosive disinformation.

This year’s version of the guide includes specific recommendations for Internet of Things (IoT) device security, based on the CSDE’s landmark white paper – the C2 Consensus – endorsed by leading organizations representing thousands of companies.

The CSDE was cited no less than nine times in the U.S. government’s Botnet Roadmap, which was released on the same day as the CSDE’s inaugural guide. The CSDE’s work on botnets was also recognized for promoting multi-stakeholder collaboration by the Internet Governance Forum of the United Nations in their paper on Cybersecurity Agreements. A number of highly regarded cybersecurity publications have covered our work favorably. For example, our work was referenced by the Brookings Institution and a CSO article commends the CSDE for developing “a very comprehensive guide to defending enterprises against botnets”.

To the extent our recommended practices are adopted widely throughout the ecosystem, the threat of botnets can be significantly diminished.

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