Patrick Brogan

U.S Internet Usage and Global Leadership are Expanding


Released November 27, 2017

A new USTelecom analysis of annual Internet Protocol traffic data from the Cisco Visual Networking Index shows that U.S. IP traffic has grown nearly three and a half times over the last five years, and Cisco projects that traffic will grow two-and-a-half times again over the next five years. As USTelecom projected in its previous analysis of the Cisco VNI data, the U.S. overtook South Korea in 2015 to become the clear world leader in IP traffic per capita and per user, and it is expanding its international leadership. To accommodate growth in demand and enable long-term innovation in ICT for both businesses and consumers, the U.S. will need to reignite currently stalled broadband capital investment growth. The FCC can help by reversing its counterproductive 2015 decision to regulate broadband Internet providers as public utilities.