Kevin Rupy

USTelecom Calls for Flexibility in Blocking Robocalls

The industry-led Robocall Strike Force has developed a blocking framework that includes four types of phone numbers to help increase flexibility given to voice providers to better block robocalls. These categorized numbers included invalid, unallocated, unassigned and those requested by the subscriber. Last week, USTelecom submitted comments to the Federal Communications Commission proposing more flexibility for voice providers to block robocalls which included the types of numbers to be blocked and the following:

    • Necessity of a multifaceted holistic approaches and objective blocking standards
    • Need to vet and use due diligence before deployment of blocking services
    • Providing a safe harbor for voice providers and protecting consumers
    • Protecting legitimate callers from being blocked
    • Need for CPNI clarifications

USTelecom continues to work hard in conjunction with the Robocall Strike Force to protect consumers and businesses from illegal robocalls. Read the entire comments filed here.