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Broadband Availability

   The statistics on broadband
   availability tell a story of
   nearly universal access.
   Almost every home in the
   U.S. has a choice of broad-
   band providers with options
   of either wired, wireless or
   satellite forms of access.
   This widespread availability
   places the U.S.well above the
                                                                      European Union in terms of
                                                                      access options.


Industry Statistics   Source
Broadband Availability
Percent of Housing Units with At Least One Wired Broadband Provider
Mid-Year 2017
FCC and
Percent of Housing Units with At Least Two Wired Broadband Options
Mid-Year 2017
FCC and
Percent of Population with at Least One LTE Wireless Broadband Provider
Mid-year 2017
FCC and

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Detailed Residential Broadband Availability Data


Source: FCC and mid-year 2017. Figures may not sum to 100% due to rounding.

International Comparison

% of Population with Two or More Wired Broadband Options


Sources: United States coverage data are from the FCC and for mid-year 2017. European coverage data are from Broadband Coverage in Europe 2017 (data from mid-year 2017).

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