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USTelecom supports efforts to improve cybersecurity and encourages greater awareness and outreach through cooperation and information sharing.


Today’s cyber ecosystem is a highly complex and dynamic universe consisting of a global set of stakeholders. Telecommunications carriers play an important role in this diverse and interconnected ecosystem, where the actions of independent entities or actors can have an adverse impact on other stakeholders.


As the Internet becomes more widely available across the globe, cyberattacks become an increasing presence as well. Well-publicized attacks for economic or political purposes on communications service providers, major corporations and individuals serve as a constant reminder of the need for vigilance within our national cybersecurity framework.

USTelecom Position

Robert Mayer speaking at a USTelecom Cybersecurity eventUSTelecom supports federal efforts that enhance our national cybersecurity capabilities. The USTelecom Cybersecurity Working Group (CSWG) and our Framework for Cybersecurity Legislation are two examples of successful collaboration on this issue. USTelecom believes that our greatest weapon in the face of this new threat is education, which we continue to provide to the telecom industry.

USTelecom has also created a one-of-a-kind resource, the USTelecom Cybersecurity Toolkit that pulls together direct links to important information and resources in one convenient location. This toolkit will help you better understand the technology and policy issues that are part of today’s cybersecurity landscape.

USTelecom’s role in cybersecurity involves engaging government and industry stakeholders in a broad variety of cyber infrastructure resilience initiatives. For example, our partnerships within DHS’s Office of Cybersecurity and Communications (CS&C) and the DHS Office of Infrastructure Protection are designed to promote greater collaboration and cyber awareness and outreach among key stakeholders. The links below provide a comprehensive overview of current resources, best practices, and cybersecurity legislation.

Carrier Impact

A single cyberattack on an unsuspecting carrier could disable thousands of consumers’ communications services if delivered effectively. For a cyberterrorist, this potential for mass disruption makes carriers and their affiliated industry members very appealing targets.

USTelecom Cybersecurity EventDeveloping and promoting effective network and data defense capabilities is a top priority for our members. Database vulnerability assessment and penetration testing are other factors to consider, as well as scrutinizing internally developed software and applications.

Cyberattacks are here to stay and will only grow more dangerous and sophisticated as the Internet ecosystem evolves. The efforts by carriers to deploy effective measures will remain a vital component of our national security posture.

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