Broadband: America’s Best Anti-Inflation Story


Consumer prices are on the rise. The cost of everyday goods like gas, groceries and rent is forcing families to stretch their income further. But there is one bright spot. For millions of Americans, broadband prices are holding steady and even falling. This is a big win for consumers and our country’s digital future.



Affordable Broadband: A 2023 Bright Spot

Broadband providers understand that affordable connectivity is essential to empowering our everyday and lifting up whole communities. The cost of overall goods and services has risen by 8.5% over the past year. But since 2015, entry-level broadband prices have declined by real (inflation-adjusted)  BPI-Consumer Choice broadband prices dropped 18%, making affordable, high-speed internet more accessible to more Americans. Read more.

Accelerating Broadband Access and Consumer Choice

U.S. consumers are adopting affordable, high-speed broadband at rates far ahead of consumers in the European Union. Why? Because more broadband companies are competing for their business. With over 2x more broadband provider competition in the U.S. than in the EU, 95% of American households have access to high-speed broadband.

Click here to see how the U.S. and EU compare in coverage.

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Connecting Communities Through the Power of Broadband

Broadband delivers much more than just the internet. It creates opportunities for entire communities by empowering your everyday. Learn more. 

Power of Broadband