5 Steps to Protect Senior Americans from Illegal Robocalls


America’s broadband providers are committed to protecting consumers from illegal robocalls.

Did You Know:  89% of seniors receive at least one robocall per week and 56% receive at least seven robocalls per week

  1. Infographic: 5 Step to Protect Yourself from Illegal RobocallsRemember legitimate government agencies will always contact you in writing
  2. Research legitimate banks and charities before opening accounts or making donations
  3. Don’t answer any questions or provide personal information in response to a robocall
  4. Verify when the caller claims to represent a company you know or a government agency. You can always directly call the company or agency using the number found on their website
  5. Beware even a number that looks legitimate could be spoofed

Contact the AARP Fraud Watch Network Helpline at 877-908-3360

Did You Know:  56 Million Americans lost money from a phone scam in 2020

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