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The SIP School: Technical & Sales Training

The SIP School: Technical & Sales Training

This is a unique opportunity to invest in critical training of your technical, operations and sales personnel, and keep them abreast of the latest in the protocols of VoIP and Unified Communications

USTelecom, offers a 10% discount on all SIP training and certifications. Please use the discount code: UST10 when signing up for all SIP Training courses and certifications here.

Courses and Certifications:

  • SSCA® SIP training + on-line access to the SSCA® Certification test (industry endorsed)
  • Networking 4 VVoIP + ‘on-line’ SSVVP™ certification test
  • SIP & Cloud – Advanced Sales training + SSSP™ test
  • WebRTC Integrator + ‘on-line’ WSQI™ certification test
  • All free demos and course curriculum PDFs can be downloaded via the website here.

So what’s special about The SIP School™?

  • Its training covers everything people need to know about SIP whether they are installation, support, pre-sales, network design or even marketing and sales professionals.
  • It’s relevant to every company that works with Telecoms from small business up to global service providers. The course has no ‘favorites’ and shows students what happens in the real world.  It does not restrict itself to just theory.
  • Starting from SIP messaging through security, firewalls, SIP trunking, troubleshooting, cloud-based system and onto SIP in UC/UCaaS, it covers everything students need plus more!
  • It evolves as SIP evolves so students can revisit the training to keep their skills fresh.
  • It’s fully animated with HTML5 (and Flash support) along with video, quizzes and learning games, exercises and pointers to free software to download and use in the labs.
  • It’s supported on multiple devices including Tablet computers.
  • Student Labs include free access to a Live SIP trunk assessment system for creating ‘health check’ reports, setting up monitoring and alerts for critical notifications.  Also a free Skype for Business environment is provided to allow students to make S4B calls across SIP trunks and then analyse them.

Learn more and register here.